Peter Pejtsik, the composer

“It is of vital importance for me that not all pieces of music can easily be pigeonholed into one of the two categories “light” and “serious” as it is very often tried in my homeland, Hungary and in the surrounding countries, e.g. in Austria where they call these E and U Musik. And I also believe that these categories sometimes even harmful for our culture as they can easily distort certain intents of the composers.”

Peter’s output as a composer is astonishingly varied in style and genre. From symphonic and vocal-symphonic works through chamber music and solo pieces to songs, from classic music packed prog rock through folk-inspired music to acapella choir pieces there are all sorts of genres and styles featured on his palette.

“Born in a musicians’ family I was very lucky to get access to the whole of the music, right beside the early studies on an instrument. I quickly realized that it was not only reproducing music that I wanted to do. My talent in improvisation showed quite early, and it has been living a kind of it’s own life ever since. I even have pieces that I transcribed from concert or studio recordings. Such pieces are e.g. ‘Impromptu Triste‘ or ‘Then the Stones Will Sing‘ among others.”

Symphonic excerpts:

Preludio Furioso
The Fairy Woods
Impromptu Triste
Une Charogne

Vocal-symphonic excerpts:


Chamber Music:

Sonata for Violoncello and Piano (co-composer: Balázs Winkler)
Necrologue – duet for Viola and Violoncello

Solo pieces:

Inventio No 0. (e.a. Lengyel Zoltán)
Akkor majd a kövek énekelnek


Fool My Mind (Völgyessy-Szomor Fanni)

Classic and prog rock:


Folk arrangement: