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Peter Pejtsik is a multi-talented artist equally at home in classical, contemporary, and pop genres.
His artistic credo involves giving equal rights to styles and genres in order to get nearer an ideal world where people speak and understand a richer musical universe than in our world which is often divided and mislead by false categories.

As a composer and co-composer he is involved in symphonic, chamber and other orchestral/ensemble works, songs, music for film and theatre of varied styles and genres.

His performing abilities range from conducting to playing the Cello, Fiddle and Bass Guitar.

He is a founding member, composer and leader of internationally renowned progressive and symphonic rock group After Crying.

He gives music-illustrated lectures on understanding, composition and secrets of music with increasing frequency.

His involvements in international projects include composing, arranging, or conducting/recording music for BBC, Eurodisney, Peter Gabriel’s Real World, Dynamedion and other companies.

In his homeland he is one of the most sought-after arrangers, orchestrators.